Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bucket List

The Hoka Hey for me started out as a bucket list thing. I always wanted to ride to Alaska so reading about the adventure that had been proposed the first year my interest was peeked. Sitting in a cancer center in Illinois in March of 2010 I asked my oncologist if I would be strong enough to do this his response was "Go live your life." That being said I started telling a few friends about the ride and the next thing I knew they were planning a benefit with a band and a bar and as any biker knows that is a good formula to raise money. Thinking this was about me I headed to Key West and on June 19th, 2010 I found out the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge was so much more. I was going to be a voice for a group of people who were shouting to the Black Hills and like the noise my Vance and Hines make the voice was simply just a noise in the wind.

My journey took me from Key West Fl. to Oroville, Wa. and on to the Mexican boarder. You see I did not make it to Homer, Ak. like the 211 warrior brothers and sisters of mine so riding coast to coast through 48 states and 2 provinces I was determined to complete my goal this time. I came in 50th of 51 finishers in 2011 but it takes a long time to tell all those different people about the Lakota Indians.

I know there are a few more people who know who Junie Rose is but there are a whole lot more people who know about the poverty and problems of the Lakota people. And if my voice among the many Hoka Hey warriors telling the same story can make any difference I will continue to ride Lucie any where the road takes me.

Hoka Hey
Junie Rose #383


  1. What a cool and unselfish thing to do ! And to still finih besides . That's the warrior spirit if I ever saw it !

  2. Your are an inspiration Junie. I pray many people will become more aware of the poverty of the Lakota indians and how we need to help in whatever way we can. You are a survivor and a warrior!