Friday, July 13, 2012

The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge is just that at every possible level – a challenge. It stretches the human ability and spirit to a point of personal growth.

This includes not only the challengers, but those behind the scene. We at US Fleet Tracking are privileged to work alongside some of the greatest people whose sole goal is to provide an experience unmatched by any other.

Being part of the overall logistics provided its challenges, and the employees of US Fleet Tracking met head on, through the creation of a version of our software that works best for the unique opportunities of the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge.

It’s with humble honor that US Fleet Tracking is again the live GPS tracking company for the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge.   We take great delight in providing an unprecedented level of safety to the riders and an in-the-saddle aspect to the nationwide spectators.

Sam Sims,
Director of Public Relations & Marketing, US Fleet Tracking

The Challenge coverage will be live on the
Hoka Hey web page starting August 1st!! 

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