Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I am an avid motorcyclist who loves to ride with a passion. My husband and I do most of our vacations on the Harleys. I started on mini bikes with by cousins in the cow pastures of our families dairy farm when I was in elementary school.  A few bumps and bruises but they were learning curves.

So fast forward to married life when my husband comes home with a Harley.  Well the back seat on that machine was not big enough for my butt!  So he told me if I wanted to ride I would need to get my own. Little did he know what he was about to create....

Fast forward to the Hoka Hey Motorcycle challenge...  I saw the 2010 challenge advertised and thought... Key West to Alaska...I could do that or at least have fun trying.  I decided to wait and see how this ride went and consider it for the future. It was stored in the back of my mind without mention to anyone.

Then out comes the word... Hoka Hey 2011, 48 states and Canada!!  I've got to do this ride!! Mentioned it to the hubby, he thought I was crazy.  I needed to do this, the road was calling me.  This is a once in a life time chance!  So I pondered it and thought again who could I get to do this ride with me so my family would be comfortable with me out on the open road, sleeping roadside and traveling for many miles per day in all kinds of weather with possible less than adequate sleep.... hhmmm.... Then it came to me Schatzi Brown would be the only one that could complete this challenge with me. Why didn't I think of her sooner?  So when I mentioned it to her she was in!  She basically said "when do we leave?"

So we were off and ready to take on the most incredible journey of our lives! 

So to fill you in on the journey.  Not really knowing what to expect, how this journey would unfold, lots of butterflies in the stomach and lots to silver linings to dream about.  We all line up at Chester's Harley Davidson in Mesa, AZ in the wee hours of the morning, get our directions to our first check point and a blessing by Jim Red Cloud and family and off we go. Like a pack of dogs off to catch the one and only rabbit out there.

The day is hot and we are thirsty. Thirsty for the road and the miles we want to put under our tires, for the sights our eyes long to see and all the thoughts that will roll thru our heads.  Not to mention the free time we will get to do our soul searching.

We make it to the first check point, Las Vegas, it's over 100 degrees and we are drained from the heat.  The dealership/checkpoint is wonderful. Fruit, snacks, drinks and so accommodating.  We head out from there and head to Death Valley.  Wanting to get thru Death Valley in the coolness of the night we plug on.  We pass thru the valley in the dark at 105 degrees and are thankful it was not in the heat of the day.  Such awesome riding. Listening to sound of all the bikes roar and views we have taken in. Feeling like we could keep on riding into the wee hours of the morning we decide it is best to stop for the night and be fresh for the morning. We stop at midnight and find a safe spot behind a court house to put out our cots for the night. It's hard to fall asleep when all you can hear is bikes passing thru the town and knowing they are getting ahead of us.

We awake the next morning to snow covered mountains and cool temperatures.  What a refreshing site!  Just breathtaking! With a full day behind us and so many more miles to cover we waste no time and hit the road.  Everyday and every morning were the same.....Awesome scenery and great riding!!!

The entire challenge was way more than I could have ever expect.  When I started the challenge I did not know what to expect or even if I could physically and mentally finish the challenge. We had a few mechanical problems, which used up some of valuable time, But overall no real hardships.

The time that was available to open my mind and my eyes to SO many things was truly precious and the help and awareness that I hope we have brought forth for the cause I only pray for.

If you love to ride and what to help make a difference, Then the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge is for you!!!  It is easy if you truly have faith and believe!

Jane Bixby

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  1. Awesome!!! It makes me proud to know there are women riding right along with the boys!! As much as I love seeing my brother do well, I find myself pulling for the ladies at the same time!! Ride on ladies! Ride on!