Thursday, June 7, 2012

HH1 stands as one of the best adventures in my life. The roads were the best but I've done that before. What stands out the most were the lifetime friends that I made along the way and the great people along all the small towns that waved us on as we went. I was always planning on riding to Alaska, but you know how that goes.  When HH1 came along this was the chance and it wasn't only from my home but from Key West! What an opportunity!!

With the support from family, friends and people I work for, I raised the money for the trip.  And the event was just the way I like to ride... Hundreds of miles a day; really stopping nowhere but just enjoying the ride.  Memories for a lifetime!  A big THANK YOU to the Hoka Hey for this experience!

Bob N (Smiley Bob)

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