Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Santa Fe Harley Davidson Here we Come!!

Leaving Grand Junction we go south a short distance to Whitewater Junction where we will turn on a remarkable motorcycle road, the Gateway Canyon or Delores River road, whichever name you prefer. This magnificent motorcycle road goes south along the Delores River, past Gateway to Naturita, Colorado. The Gateway road is one hundred miles of truly great technical motorcycle riding.

At Naturita, we will turn west and go into Utah. On this ride we will pass the Bedrock Store. This turn of the century, the last century, store is frozen in time. It is truly an old rural store with glass counter cases and wood floors, long since worn through, which sells parched peanuts from a big barrel as you walk in. If it is open, stop. We will then turn south at La Salle Junction, south of Moab, Utah.

Riding south we will pass the original Hole in the Wall store which was the inspiration for the motel carved out of the rock wall in the movie Cars. Shortly we will come to Monticello where we again turn east back into Colorado. Riding east we ride past Telluride and go on to Ridgeway where we turn south to Ouray and ride over the Red Mountain Pass. At the top of Red Mountain Pass is Silverthorne, an incredible old mining town served from Durango by one of the last existing narrow gage railroads in the United States. Continuing on over the pass we come to Durango where we turn east to ride over Wolf Creek Pass, our forth crossing of the continental divide. Both Red Mountain and Wolf Creek Passes offer over the top motorcycle riding, literally.

Further east we arrive in Alamosa where we will turn south into New Mexico and Santa Fe. Our seventh checkpoint, Santa Fe Harley-Davidson, is right in the middle of this historic old, really old, Mexican trading town. The oldest church in the United States is located in Santa Fe. At this point we have crossed the Continental Divide four times!

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