Friday, May 13, 2011

HOG Backs the Hoka Hey Challenge

On August 5, 2011, hundreds of Harley riders will embark on one of hte world's greatest long-distance motorcycle rides, the 2nd annual Hoka Hey Challenge. This year, riders will trek from Phoenix, Arizona, to Nova Scotia, Canada. Along the way, they'll pass through all 48 contiguous United States and several Canadian provinces and territories. More than 10,000 miles later, all participants will have accomplished the trip of a lifetime and the top riders will be eligible to collect cash prizes.

This year, in addition to the Harley-Davidson Motor Company being a sponsor of the event, the Harley Owners Group intends to add to the rewards for the top five eligible H.O.G. member finishers in the Hoka Hey Challenge by awarding a new 2012 Harley-Davidson Custom Vehicle Operations motorcycle to the top placing H.O.G. member, and an additional $19,000 in prizes for the eligible 2nd through 5th place finishers.

"The Hoka Hey Challenge is a perfect match for the superior touring experience and capabilities of Harley-Davidson motorcycles and the long-distance adventuring aspirations of many of our H.O.G. members," said Steve Piehl, Harley-Davidson Director of Customer Experience. "The theme of the Hoka Hey Challenge is 'It's a good day to ride!" and that is always the case on a Harley."

For details and rules of the H.O.G. contingency program, visit For entry information or to monitor the event's progress, visit


  1. I want the Hog riders,and any other new riders who did not ride last year's Challenge, to know you are in for the ride of your life. This is not the Run for the Wall or an Iron Butt. You might team up with 3-4 riders for half a day and then find youself alone for a day and half. Every rider has their own style, pace, and need for rest. You must do your own thing to go the distance, push to your outer limits, and then some. Good luck to everyone, it soon will be HokaHey time. Oh I forgot to mention, at the starting line there will be more then enough Butterflies to go around for everyone. GregS

  2. I had a revelation today, given to me as I sat at a red light on the Cold-hard-fax, by a stranger on the street who wanted to say hello. I didn’t hear him at first, given the putt of my motor, but then the boy, who couldn’t have been more than ten years old, hollered a little louder; “Hey Motorcycle Rider!”, as he waved at me grinning. Then it hit me… It was like settling into that sweet spot in a high-speed turn, leaning into it at forty-five degrees, floorboard hovering above, and sometimes slightly draggin and sparking in the street. All is hanging in the balance, perfect symmetry. Life as it is meant to be…
    His words fit like a pair of deerskin gloves. It’s who I am. I am a motorcycle rider. I have a motorcycle, clothes, a worn pair of boots, and the motorcycle gear for whatever weather comes my way. I don’t own a car, and I don’t want one. I have no savings, and no 401k. I don’t measure my wealth in dollars or my riches by the amount of stuff I have in storage. I am not responsible enough to spend my life chasing my tail.
    I have incredible people around me, angels actually, and work on behalf of a mission that shines on those that need the light the most, which provides me with the wealth and riches I need to keep my heart and my motorcycle moving.
    Movement is the essence of it all. To move is a primal instinct within all of us. From being rocked in our mother’s arms, to the delight and complete exhilaration of being pushed through space by our fathers on the swings in the neighborhood parks we grew up near. To move is to celebrate, and to move with freedom is a motion of zen.
    I ride every day, and on the weekends, I ride farther, faster, longer, and harder. A fellow rider labeled us motorcycloholics. I own it, and will take mine with a twist…

    Live to ride and Ride to live.

  3. I rode with rider 704, Sat 9/3/11 through Salisbury, Md heading north. He was 12 days behind because of a friends crash. Good luck and hope your crashed out friend is ok. Nice riding with you.