Sunday, June 12, 2016

Meet The Rider: Joe Lacey # 802

Joe  #802 has ridden one previous Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge in 2014 with his good friend Shannon Mc Kinley  #803  who has also return for another go around. The two of them read about the challenge on the internet and thought " this is some kinda tough ride ," and decided it wasn't to tough for them to give it a shot. Successfully navigating their way to Homer, Alaska old school style, sleeping next to the bike and ride long distances was a game changer for both and now feel the need to do this again. Joe is not interested in being the first one to the finish line he just want to get out on the road and ride.

Sleeping in an over grown abandon dugout for a baseball field was a memory Joe recalls on his first attempt at riding the HHMC. He remembers he was very thankful for that little bit of shelter out in the badlands in the rain. A sheriff had told them where it was and that he would keep an eye out for them on his over night shift so they could get some rest. Advice he would share with new riders is how important it is to rest when you need it,stay hydrated. Joe will be riding a 2015 Street Glide with a heated Corbin seat for those cold times in the mountains and a Klockworks wind screen.


  1. something different this year by the grace of God Joe said I just wont to cross the finish line. he's hard core loves to ride his bikes. an a Great Dad happy fathers Day we love you