Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Memorial Ride is Now History

If you find your name on the list of unfortunates who were not able to ride the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge Memorial Ride from Red Cloud, Nebraska to Hot Springs, South Dakota then the only thing I can say is you missed a pertinent piece of Hoka Hey history. Over 120 riders assembled in the Red Cloud, NE area and truly it was reminiscent of a family reunion. Many small communities, when invade by 120+ leather clad motorcyclist, might be concerned and might even act harshly towards these unknown riders. However the citizens and community of Red Cloud opened their doors and hearts to us and treated us like family. Businesses opened early and stayed open late to accommodate our needs—words cannot express the level of appreciation and gratitude.

The 505 mile group ride on the 31st of July went without a hitch and every rider rolled into Hot Springs without accident or incident. There were a couple of minor mechanical issues, but fellow riders stepped in to lend a hand and no one was left behind—everyone who left Red Cloud arrived in Hot Springs at the same time. We even picked up a rider in Ogallala, NE who had broken down and got him and his ride to Rapid City for repair—this rider was not part of the Memorial Ride, but he is now part of the Hoka Hey family. We made a friend that day and I feel it necessary to extend a shout out to Matt Wolf who went beyond what was expected, sat his own desires to the side, and ensured this rider and his ride got to his final destination. All that happened that day is a testament to the professional riders who were part of this great event. During this time old friendships were rekindled and new friendships were made.

On the 1st of August these same riders participated in one of only two sanctioned parades down Main Street Sturgis—which, in itself, comes with bragging rights.

Yea, I’m sorry, but you missed a great series of events that we would be hard pressed to duplicate.

To say Hoka Hey is a family is a gross understatement; I am proud to call these people family and friend.


  1. The Memorial Ride was the best group ride we ever been on...Hoka Hey!

  2. The Memorial Ride was the best group ride we ever been on...Hoka Hey!