Sunday, October 5, 2014

We've Come a Long Way

We’ve come a long way.  For the past many decades the main stream media has painted a bleak picture of the biker.  An innumerable number of articles, movies and books have been published providing a narrative of someone’s understanding of the riding community; many times the author of the narrative has never ridden or rides only on perfect days.  But it is not often that main stream media gets it right.  In fact, history tells us, the infamous picture from Hollister, SD was a hoax, but that single picture alone spawned a plethora of negative beliefs and connotations. 
Yes, we are different.  We are prone to be outspoken when we have something to say and we do not often back down when met with an obstacle.  We are a small percentage of the riding community; we are Hoka Hey.  We ride for the enjoyment and the excitement, but these are not the only reasons we ride.  We ride for a purpose that most will never understand.  We see the oppressed and we work against the oppressor.  We see a wrong and we work to correct it.  We build our lives around Honor, Integrity, Compassion and Respect.  We come from different walks of life but we band together as a single force; we are Hoka Hey.

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