Friday, May 30, 2014

It's True!!

Yes, you may have heard rumors and seen a news release that sounds unbelievable, but it’s true.  Everyone rides the 2014 Hoka Hey for free; no entry fee.  This is Hoka Hey’s way of saying thank you to all those who have supported the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge over the past five years.   From Key West, Florida to Homer, Alaska through some of the most spectacular roads in North America.  Now, since there is no entry fee there are no prizes for completion; other than those prizes that can only be earned by doing.  Free or not this is still the most difficult challenge you will ever be a part of; long days and endless miles.  Sunny days, rain, hail, cold and dust… these will be your companions during this adventurous ride.
It is difficult to put into words what the Hoka Hey is all about.  Many have tried to explain it, but mere words do not suffice.  You have to ride it to understand.  You will learn things about yourself you never before knew.  The trials and emotions you bear during this experience can and will change your life.  Whether it changes your life to the better is your call and your call only.  But, to experience these you must accept The Challenge.  You cannot sit on the side lines and expect to understand.
Our desire is to have as many riders as can possibly be expected to come and join us in this once in a lifetime event.  Every race, every nationality, every creed will be represented, but only if you answer the call.
Go to and sign up for this epic event.  Never before has it been so affordable and never before has it been this close to your reach.  Don’t, after The Challenge departs Key West on July 20th, regret that you did not step forward.
Also, you will not want to miss the Hoka Hey event during Sturgis Bike Week (4-10 AUG) where the Hoka Hey Challenge will change hands to a new LLC; specific date and location to be announced so keep watch and plan accordingly.

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