Thursday, April 21, 2011

Monthly News!!!

Our Monthly newsletter just went out and this is what You could of missed!!

top 25
In 2010 we put on an event that was a once in a lifetime opportunity, where  Will Barclay walked away with a half a million dollars.

In 2011 we decided that it needed to be a little different, with pay outs to the top 25 finishers, totaling $500,000. The first finisher will receive 250k, and the prizes  will paydown to the 25th finisher.  
Harley-Davidson To Sponsor Hoka Hey Challenge (HHC) This Summer  
On Friday, April 8th, Harley-Davidson Motor Company notified its dealer network of the MoCo's sponsorship of the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge (HHC) this August. 

Scott Beck, General Manager, North American Marketing Operations said "We look forward to shining a light on Harley-Davidson's extraordinary riders and motorcycles as they take part in this incredible journey." 

Watch for more news about Harley-Davidson's involvement in upcoming issues of HOG Magazine, H.O.G. email blasts, and on the Hoka Hey website (
Hometown Dealer
Designating a Dealership
On August 5, 2011 the greatest motorcycle endurance rally in history will take place and we would like to give back to the people who help spread the word of the event.  To help encourage participation, we are offering an incentive for Harley-Davidson dealerships to sponsor a rider

When they sign up for the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge, participants will have the opportunity to designate a Harley-Davidson dealership as their "Designated Dealer."  Dealerships that sign up or sponsor riders will secure placement as that rider's Designated Dealer and will be eligible to receive monetary awards and recognition alongside the top 5 finishers. This is the kind of recognition that says a store knows what it takes to provide great customer service!   
Any one that is seeking sponsorship might mention this to their local dealership and watch the light click on!!
Hoka Hey Coin
Riding the Route
Participants are not required to ride the entire route to be recognized as a Hoka Hey Challenger.  Riders will be permitted to start from any checkpoint or end at any checkpoint and still earn a place on the Hoka Hey roster along with a Challenge coin and number. 

Riders cannot win cash prize unless the entire route is traveled within the rules of HHMC 2011 - but - by becoming a Hoka Hey Challenger; your name will be immortalized in the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, WI. 

Otherwise... How can you be certain that anyone will remember your name?
Broken Spoke Campground
Last summer, a crowd of Hoka Hey riders, fans and motorcycle enthusiasts gathered at the Broken Spoke Campground in Sturgis, SD to celebrate the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge and witness the award presentation to the event's winner. First place finisher, Will Barclay of Highlands, FL, proudly held up one end of a huge presentation check in the amount of $500,000 as event organizer, Jim Red Cloud pronounced him, "the toughest motorcycle rider on the planet... at the moment." Barclay was already half-a-million dollars richer, having received the actual funds through a wire to his bank account on July 29th.  
In 2011, Challengers are traveling from Phoenix, AZ to Nova Scotia, Canada with a stop over in Sturgis during the rally and the Broken Spoke Campground will be involved this year by hosting a checkpoint!! Riders will not be required to layover here - but - the option will be available as the Broken Spoke has agreed to provide a complimentary area designated for the challengers to stay and rest.

We are sure that by the time you reach Sturgis, you will have some great stories to tell. So park your bike and set camp.  Set a spell, Take your shoes off... 
Be at Chester's Harley-Davidson this August for the start of this epic adventure!!  We look forward to seeing you there!
Until then... HOKA HEY!!!

Beth Durham
Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge

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