Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Meet The New Rider # 1116 Dustyn Monismith

My name is Dustyn Monismith. I grew up in Pennsylvania on dirt bike’s since I was a teenager. I’ve always had the need to be outdoors. Maybe it’s because I’m 1 of 4 children and our mother was always telling us to go outside. Some of my hobbies are hunting, fishing, snowboarding and tinkering with my toys. My Dad will tell you that I was taking my toys apart at a very young age just to see how they worked. This is most likely why I chose the path as a motorcycle technician. I started my career as a tech at a local dealership in central PA in the mid 2000’s. Not too many years after that I met my wife of now 12 years. We have spent some time living in North Carolina, Wisconsin, and currently reside in GA. I owe it to my wife for being where I’m at today in life. Had I not met her, things would have turned out very different for me. First off, I must say that yes, she is a cheese head and I talked her into moving back to Wisconsin. While living in Wisconsin I was blessed with the opportunity to go work for Harley Davidson Motor Company and I have been with them since 2016. When I’m not helping other technicians around the country fix motorcycles you will usually find me on one of my motorcycles.

I can remember somewhere back in 2018 when my brother in-law Steve Davis (rider # 954) first started talking about the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge. This was around the time that he had seen how much my wife and I really enjoyed riding our motorcycles on long trips. I really didn’t put much thought behind that because I rode a Harley-Davidson Dyna Low Rider S and thought that’s not really a 10,000-mile bike. However, in 2020 this all changed when I watched Steve Davis make his journey across the U.S. I must say it was addicting to watch him live on the US Fleet Tracker and I can remember sometimes staying up till 2 A.M. Seeing how well my brother in-law did on his journey made me want this! I’ve chose the HHMC to see what I’m made of. I know that this will be a test of many things, but it is also an experience of a lifetime. There are many places that I have not seen and what better way to see it on a motorcycle.

My expectations of the HHMC is to finish. I have a goal to be back for the end of the road party. The best advice I’ve been given is to do what works for you. I’m also an MSF Rider Coach so this goes hand in hand with what we teach our students. That is, ride your own ride! I feel my biggest obstacle of the HHMC is trying not to over-think things. From experience I know this can lead to bad decisions. Sometimes the only way to overcome those bad decisions is by learning from your mistakes. At the end of the day, you must live with those choices.

The charity I chose to ride for is Band Of Blue. They support families of fallen officers. I feel
what these officers do for a living and putting their lives on the line does not even compare to the risks we take as a rider every day. 


Meet The New Rider # 1075 Matt Scott


My name is Matt Scott and I am 36. I started riding around the same age that I started driving. My father had a motorcycle that he built in the seventies and I fell in love with motorcycles. My father would tell stories about people riding coast to coast trying to beat each others times and trying to be the fastest. I became obsessed with the thought of long distance riding and stretching that last drop of fuel as far as I could. I made many trips back and forth to Florida from Ohio on a motorcycle with no windshield in my early years. I quickly learned that I wanted a windshield and warm riding gear. Florida might be one hundred and ten degrees but Ohio might be twenty degrees when I get home!
       In 2012 I got married to my lovely wife Melissa, and in 2013 we opened a motorcycle shop for parts & repairing H-D motorcycles together. This in turn takes up most of my time. I ride motorcycles every day, but its usually a customers bike and it usually has a problem that I'm trying to find. After many years of working on others bikes I decided this was the year to get back to my roots and start long distance riding again. I had been following the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge for a few years and decided that I want to test myself and my motorcycle this year.
       In my off time I enjoy spending time with my family, watching movies, fishing, canoeing, camping and reading books about engine dynamics. Mostly, I spend my time thinking about motorcycles, reading about motorcycles, watching videos about motorcycles, working on motorcycles and riding motorcycles.
       I am not really sure of my expectations for the HOKA HEY motorcycle challenge. It is my first challenge of this magnitude. My plan for this challenge is mainly to finish. I have spent countless hours prepping myself and the motorcycle for this so if everything goes as planned, the bike will make the trip...….hopefully. I know I will have to overcome a few obstacles during The HOKA HEY. I will take them as they come and try to get over them the best I can and move on. That is really all I can do. ONE DAY AT A TIME! I know being away from my family is one obstacle I will have to overcome from the start.
       The best advice I have been given is where to put my directions during the challenge. I printed out an old set of directions and test fitted them on my motorcycle. I was told to look out for deer, elk, moose, alligators, tires (alligators), cars, trucks, dogs, sheep, raccoons, opossums, dragons and distracted drivers!! Which I plan on watching for all of them!!!
       This year I am riding for a great group of people from Minerva, Ohio called H3 or Hogs Helping Heros! We ride together because they stood together. They are a group of passionate motorcyclists, who started with the vision of one Veteran to help his fellow Veterans and their families. Their goal is to reach as many of their brothers and sisters who have been affected by PTSD, Illnesses and other physical and financial situations as they can.NO ONE IS ALONE IN THEIR FIGHT! They are an organization that provides a place for Veterans and their families to come for assistance with things that are beyond their financial and/or physical needs. They sponsor, host, and participate in events and activities that promote the fight against Veteran suicide and the issues that lead up to it. Please help support this group with me!

Tel.(330) 205-8439
To donate, Please visit:$H3minerva
I would like to thanks all my sponsors that helped me this year!

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Meet The New Rider # 1115 Chris Comly


My name is Chris Comly and I am rider 1115.  When not riding I am either working on one of my 5 bikes, volunteering, or spending time with my family which includes my wonderful supportive wife Michele, two daughters, and 5 grandchildren.  Pre-Covid I volunteered at the Independence Seaport Museum working on their historic ships in Philadelphia PA and I am looking forward to getting back now that restrictions are being lifted.  I also am a volunteer at the Mid Atlantic Air Museum in Reading PA where I am one of the parking coordinators for their WWII Weekend show each June.


As for riding, I started taking week long trips with friends in 2009, and in 2014 I started doing longer more challenging rides.  I applied for and was chosen for the 2015 Iron Butt Rally and was hooked.  To date I have completed four IBRs.


I first heard about the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge not long after the first challenge when it was mentioned to me by a friend of mine in my HOG chapter.  I thought it was crazy, who would be able do a ride such as that?  At the time my long distance riding was limited to week long trips of 3,000-4,000 miles.  A few years later I met some of the HHMC riders and in no time we were talking about riding and of course the HHMC came up.  I became good friends with some of the riders and followed them over the past two or three challenges.  Last year I decided it was time to throw my hat into the ring and I finally applied.


My reason for wanting to ride in the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge is because I like a challenge, and the HHMC is certainly that.  I also like taking smaller roads and riding through small town America and seeing things most people don’t see.  The more I heard about the HHMC the more I wanted to ride in it.  When we leave Rapid City in June I expect to be pushed to my limits.  I expect to be challenged to my max and experience things I have never experienced before.  I am moved when I am in places that are historic in nature or where few have gone before.  Riding in the HHMC I expect will be as close as I can come to understanding what my great grandfather experienced over 100 years ago when he was a ranch hand in Oklahoma Territory living on the range with only his horse.


Over the years I have been given some good advice, ranging from how difficult the challenge is, what to expect, how to find a place to sleep, etc.  But to me the best advice I have received was relax and enjoy the ride.  As things come up, simply deal with them and ride on.


One of the things that I like about the HHMC is the support for charities.  My charity of choice is The Eli Seth Matthews Leukemia Foundation.  This charity was set up by a friend of mine almost 10 years ago after his son Eli lost his fight with Leukemia at the young age of ten years old.  His father, Paul, established the foundation to support research to find a true cure for this terrible disease.


For more information see the foundations website at


Monday, June 20, 2022

Meet The New Rider # 1114 Brandon Cummings


My name is Brandon but I go by the nickname of "Hash" to most people. I'm from a small farm town in Illinois just outside of the metropolitan area of the Quad Cities which consists of a community of people living along the Mississippi river on both the Iowa and Illinois sides. I'm currently a Lineman working for the local utility company, trying to keep the lights on, which helps me support my habit of paying for, maintaining, and upgrading my Road Glide.

I first took notice of the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge in 2010 while in the Marine Corps stationed at Cherry Point, NC working as a 3521 "Motor T" mechanic. At the time I read an article in a magazine about the challenge and that's when I was first introduced to the concept of what it meant to be a long distance rider.

I'm looking forward to The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge as a means of pushing myself with this machine and to see and experience the things that present themselves along the way. See you guys on the road.


Meet The New Rider # 1112 Craig Johnson

 "I am Craig Johnson, also know as “Wild Ass Craig”.  I have worked in the Motorcycle industry nearly 3 decades and I am now the owner of Wild Ass seats.  


Living near Brainerd, MN, I am engaged to Renae and we have a combined 4 great adult children.  Her and I met at the racetrack and our girls became friends even before we really got to know each other.  


I grew up with dirt bikes and raced most of the way through my 20’s.  Dirt bike racing continued with my children, who both became great riders.  In my own riding, my Dad and uncle Marty were my main mechanics, and I became the one who seemed to be able to find the weak point of any machine whether it was a motorcycle, or a snowmobile…  Through all of the carnage, I have always been blessed with a great family support system with just one job to do…  “Shut up and Ride!”


New to the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge , I am excited for the opportunity to take part in the ’22 running where we will continue the “Dad is my mechanic” program.  I will be riding my trusty 2001 Road King that he has been tasked with having ready for the ride as I continue to travel to events for business.  This is my first Harley and the bike I blame for teaching me how to slow down and enjoy life as it really has the ability to do nothing great other than make you enjoy a nice cruise at a normal human pace.  This bike is the show/display bike and is all painted up with the Wild Ass colors and I am looking forward to putting on the miles it deserves.  


Always proud of where I live, I will be riding for the Aurora Lodge #100 of the Masons in Brainerd, MN.   More specifically, their Scholarship Program, which supports students from the 5 small towns closest to where I live.  This will give money directly to the students to further their education in whatever fields they choose to better them selves in.  We have set a goal of $10,000, which would be the most they have raised, but it only seems fitting to match a 10,000 mile motorcycle ride.


For 7 years, I have been the guy saying that I have the best cushion in the world, and I am looking forward to proving it this year.  Working the “Show life” has been a major hurdle in getting any miles on the bike since the founding of Wild Ass and that is no different this year.  As I type this bio for Junie in early May, I have a total of 40 miles on the bike in 2022 and just twelve non event working days between now and the start.  This cushion will be what gets me through!


Always up for a challenge, I look forward to the events in South Dakota leading up to the start and seeing all of the friends that I have made that are a part of the Hoka Hey Family.   Hearing the stories from all of the finishers I can’t wait to see what mine will be as I roll in to the finish line in 2022."


Meet The New Rider # 1048 James Mooney


My name is James Mooney, rider #1048. Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI

                    U.S. Navy veteran, 1979-83 Aircraft Mechanic. USS Coral Sea CV-43

In my off time I enjoy playing music. I am an emerging one man band playing swamp rock and blues. My dream is playing on a cruise ship as an act and seeing the world again. I only went half way around the world twice. Music has always been a part of my life and enjoy seeing and meeting people with like minds.

Being a biker and enthusiast the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge is the missing link in my adventure of this life. When I heard about it I was intrigued to do it. I thought it would be something I needed to do to fill the void. The answers are out there. The growth of opportunities are everywhere in life and finding the unique self-care journey is what I think I need. 

The advice I have received from HHMC riders have been very helpful. The best one yet is to be found within our self. Ride your ride, use your skills, don’t second guess and enjoy. To say least is yet to be seen.

The only obstacles I foresee are the ones that are uncontrolled from outside of means to prevent. We will adjust fire accordingly. But if had to be honest with myself its riding at night. Sometimes what you can’t see is better than the other. Especially with parts unknown and unfamiliar roadways.

I would like to thank Bill Ryan #895 for educating me on this event. I met Bill on an  IBR last year and frequently ride with the IMRG throughout the past year. He told me about the ride well, I asked about the patch and the rest is going to be history. Thank you Mr. Ryan

I will be riding for donations for my chosen charity St. Jude. This is one of the most forgiving causes that I think makes a difference for the parents to take care of the cancer stricken child and not worry who or how they can afford to make due during a terrible time of their life. If you can help every little bit will all go to the St. Judes Foundation.


Sunday, June 19, 2022

Meet The New Rider # 1111 Crush Estrada


My name is Crush Estrada.  I grew up in rural Oklahoma, deep in the woods, where I spent my time hunting, fishing, and exploring every inch of our 360 acres and beyond.  My family was known in the area so I was able to roam through thousands of acres.  I starting my lifetime of riding with a Shetland pony as soon as I could hang on.  He was a mean MF, hard to catch, and even harder to ride, but I always rode him bare back.  My first motorcycle came at 9 years old – a Honda CL90.


After graduating high school, I went right into the Air Force.  A normal job was not the life I was seeking – I needed to be knee deep in protecting my country.  The Air Force really doesn't have a long list of badass jobs, but I found my calling in Special Operations as an MH53J helicopter gunner.  In that role I traveled the entire globe, supporting our Special Ops brothers from other branches in places no one talks about.  In every country I set foot in, I tried to get away and explore, taking the back grounds, getting lost, and stumbling into little towns no one has ever heard of.  Exploring served me well, and I even found myself at the Berlin wall at the exact moment it started to fall.  I have such fond memories of the places I experienced and the people I met along the way.

Heinz is my wife's God Father. Once he participated in the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge I wanted to as well. I look up to him and have great respect for Heinz.


Riding is a huge part of my life, and I ride almost daily.  My bike “Raven” has close to 140k miles and has taken me all over Arizona, down countless back roads in Mexico from tip of Baja and to the Yucatan peninsula, and many trips across the USA.  My wife also rides, and we love to be side by side, matching throttles.  There is nothing better than sharing the sights and memories of the road and the land with my best friend and love of my life. 


I have always been a back road get-lost kind of guy.  The chance to see the entire country this way is something not everyone will have the chance to attempt in their lifetime.  I have native blood, and raising awareness of our people is an honor and a privilege.  I will take full advantage of this opportunity with a strong spirit and an open heart.  I want to earn number #978.


ASU Autism/Asperger's research program
Southwest Autism research and resource ceter